Is Marriage a Good Thing?

Marriage has changed in the last couple of generations

What is the Truth about Marriage Contentment?

There are many conflicting views about marriage in our society. Some people believe marriage is the ideal relationship and is vital to happiness, while others think that it is unnecessary and even undesirable. No matter which side you take, it is important to find out the truth. Here is an analysis of whether marriage is a good thing.

Improved Physical and Mental Health

Studies show that there are many advantages to getting married, including living a longer and healthier life. This advantage is especially evident in middle-age and older couples. In addition, married people tend to be happier, less depressed, less anxious, and more sexually satisfied. There is something about romantic relationships made official by public and legal vows that give many couples a sense of fulfillment in multiple areas of their lives.

More Household Income & Financial Stability

A lot of people tend to view marriage as a financial burden. However, a marital union can actually be financially beneficial. Scientific literature suggests marriage helps productivity with both husbands and wives. Married men can make up to 40 percent more income than single men. Wives also tend to earn more than single women. Let’s not forget that two household incomes are better than one for maintaining a better quality lifestyle.

Limitations and Drawbacks of Marriage

Despite the advantages of married life, it can also come with various problems. Some couples experience boredom over time as the “spark” is lost. Other spouses deal with a significant amount of stress related to finances, family, mental illness, and medical conditions. Certain couples may struggle with sexual differences or even infidelity. When these issues go unresolved, a divorce attorney or marriage counselor should be consulted.

Marriage Is Good Overall, But Not All the Time

There is no hard-and-fast rule that proves marriage is good for everyone at all times. Different people have drastically different experiences. While some couples may live happily ever after for decades, others may face overwhelming problems from the start. A toxic marriage can certainly cause a lot of sadness and anger. In this type of situation, a divorce may actually be better than staying married.

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